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Here are some helpful tips and our most frequently asked questions!

Eyelets: What Are They & Why Do they Matter?

Eyelets are the pairs of circular, evenly spaced holes that run the length of your shoes on both sides.

These are what shoelaces are woven through in various fashions, usually with the sole purpose of keeping your shoes on your feet! Who even knew they had an actual name? Well...we did.

Understanding what eyelets are is important when considering purchasing laces because the number of pairs of eyelets in your shoe determines the lace length needed.

In order to ensure a comfortable and adequate tie, length measurement is necessary.

Ideally, you should measure the laces that originally came with your shoes to get an idea of what length you need or would prefer, but knowing the number of eyelets also offers a general rule of thumb that can be equally reliable.

We hope the chart we've made available can help you determine the length needed for your shoes.

Diameter & Tip Information: All Around Great Laces!

Does The Diameter of Laces Matter Too?

Our laces not only come in a multitude of available lengths, but also with each type of lace there can sometimes be differences in the diameter(the width of the lace.)

In order to ensure ordering the correct laces needed for your shoes, it is also important to know the approximate diameter needed.

If you have any reservations regarding a particular lace and are uncertain as to whether or not they will fit in the eyelets of your shoes, please refer to the diameters given below or contact us so we can address your questions specifically.

Most Commonly Asked Diameters:

Kelvar ProTOUGH(TM): 3/16 Inch Diameter; largest listed.

Hiking ProBOOT(TM): 1/8 Inch Diameter with a slightly smaller tip than the diameter itself, Measuring 3MM. 

Paracord Laces: 1/8 Inch Diameter with a 1/8 Inch Tip

Leather/Boat Shoe Laces: 1/8 Inch Square Cut Diameter

What Comes With Each Order?

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